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May 8, 2005 elder Roque se va

To my favoirite missionary boys,                             May 8, 2005

We are listening to an audio/visual presentation on the "Worlds of
Joseph Smith" in Washington D.C. on the internet.  It's in the Library
of Congress. It's been great to celebrate the 200th birthday and Life
of Joseph Smith this year. The more I learn of him the more I love and
appreciate him.
I'm really proud of both of you. Keep working hard! Your days as
missionaries are numbered! Love you both!
Love, Mom

On 5/2/05, bruce harr <> wrote:
> hey mom,
> well my number here is 265 1029.  um as far as the money i ended up spending like 500 cords.  i had to buy for my comp too cause he didnt have any money.  any way i think that that is like 40 dollars.  hey what time can you guys call me so that i can wait for you?  my mom is going to call at 12:30 and my dad at 4.  i dont know what time you guys can call.  let me know.
> love bruce
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> From: "Rebecca Brand" <>
> To: "bruce harr" <>
> Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 22:39:15 -0600
> Subject: Re:
> Hey Bruce,                          May 1, 2005
> I hope that everything has calmed down there. We were pretty alarmed
> to hear what was going on. We heard that there were riots in Ecuador
> also. So, we have been praying for the safety for both you and
Jarom.Did you get everything you needed? How much money did you end up
> spending? Mother's Day is next Sunday. What is your phone number? Or
> are you calling us? our number is 801-756-8700. My cell is
> 801-830-8513 and Danny's is 801-722-5916. We are so excited to talk to
> you again! Let me know how it's going. Love you!
> Love, Mom
> On 4/26/05, bruce harr <> wrote:
> > hey mom,
> > i was just wondering if you could re send me the code for that card you guys sent me.  right now there is alot of rioting going on hereand i need to get some money to buy food.  if you could send it to me that would be grate.  i am fine.
> > love bruce

Hey Jarom                                                May 8, 2005

Today is Mother's Day. It was great talking to you on Thursday. I
think it was hard for the kids to really talk because of the delay. I
never got to call home during my mission. Do you think it's good or is
it hard to talk to those from home and then get back to work?
Dad is listening to a weird, funny LDS Fireside Song on the internet.
How did you spend so much time on the computer and not get involved in
pornography? I can't believe how many young men are getting ensnared
by it. It wrecks lives. It makes me so sad.
I'm glad that Dave is thinking about going on a mission. I hope that
he really does.
I talked to Bruce Harr Sr. tonight and he told me that he will be able
to get rebaptized pretty soon. He is going to invite us to his
baptism. He also got remarried to some lady he's been dating for a few
months. That is wonderful that he is getting his life back on track.
How do you think your mission is changing you? Do you feel different?
Looking back over the past year what has been the most significant
time or moment for you? I hope you evaluate where you have been and
where you are going for the last half of your mission. This time will
be an anchor for the rest of your life if you make it so. I am really
proud of you. I hope that you are finding joy in your missionary
service. I love you.
Love, Mom

hey mom   May 9, 2005

happy birthday, well in 5 days that is.
well as far as the 2 calls a year, i think it is good. the first time it was a bit hard to go back to work, but this last time wasnt for some reason.
well when i was using the internet alot at home i almost never had anything pop up on me, the pron that is. we always had a good filter and i never went looking for it so it never was a problem. here in ecuador and i imagine in all of south amarica there is porn everywhere. on bill boards news papers, busses, on the walls in peoples homes and everywhere else you can think of. just today i was on a bus and this guy had a news paper with porn all through it. he was sitting next to his son and they were both looking through it. i dont get it but its a big problem here.
well to answer your last 3 questions, yes, i think so, and im not sure.

lov you

love jarom

Hey   May 9, 2005

Well it was good talking to on Thursday for mother’s day. Sorry Mom, Brittney, and Duane I forgot to wish you all a happy birth day. I was planning on it but kinda forgot.
This past week was good. We had 3 baptisms. It was really cool. One of them is this old lady that is a mother and grandmother of some members. Her 19 year old grandson baptized her, but it took 3 of us to get her in and out of the water. There was her, and it took her grandson, that said the baptismal prayer, her other grandson and my comp in order to get her under the water and back up. Afterwards I went into the bathroom to get changed and the 2 grandsons were hugging each other and crying like babies, because their grandma finally got baptized.
Changes were today, the 9th of May, and I got a new comp. it was kinda sad cause me and my old comp got along really well. But what can ya do.
Well alls well down here good to hear from all you all.

Love ya tonz


Elder Brand

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