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April 17, 2005

Hey Elderes!!                                 April 17, 2005

Como Estan ustedes!? We've had a pretty busy week. Dad and I got all
of our taxes figured out and we will get over $2,000 back. We still
have not closed on the house. We hope to do so by Tuesday. We've told
the kids that we will go to Disneyland for spring break if we do. I
think we will go anyway and just use money that Uncle Bud loaned to
Jarom, we got the very sad news this morning from J. Nathan Davison
from Colorado that your friend, Eric Nelson, died on Friday. He had
come out of the coma and was improving a little. They had transferred
him to a hospital in Denver. But, on Thursday his heart stopped. They
got it going again, but they lost him Friday evening. I can't imagine
how devastated his family must be. He had been a missionary in
California. We know that he had a terrible head ache before he crashed
his bike. The doctors don't know if the head ache caused him to crash
and was the main cause of death or if the crash and blow to the head
was the cause of his death. They will never know. Danika took the news
pretty hard. We all felt really bad. We have been praying for him ever
since we heard that he was in a coma.
Katelyn went with John Bell to American Fork's Prom. She is head over
heels in love. He is her first kiss. He is getting his missionary
papers ready and will leave in July or August. He turns 19  July 5th.
You won't recognize American Fork High School when you get back. The
renovation to the front of the school is changing the whole look of
the school. It will be a nice improvement.
Dad has finished most of the texturing in the hallway downstairs. He
only needs to paint and put up the base boards in that room. Then he
has to put down the slate in the bathroom and in the entry way and
then we are ready for the carpet. This project has gone on forever!
I love you both! I love getting your letters. I'm so proud of you and
I pray for your safety. Keep working hard!
Love, Mom

Hi Jarom                                      April 17, 2005

I hope you feel okay about the news about Eric Nelson. We were all
pretty sad. He was such a good kid. I would love to go to his funeral.
But, I don't think we will. I keep thinking about you and Eric making
pizza's together for Danika's 13th birthday party. We are going to
gather pictures and letters that he wrote to Danika and send them to
his family. Matt Bailey and Matt Butler are getting married the same
weekend here in Utah. Not this coming weekend but the next. April
30th.The Bailey reception will be in Pleasant Grove and the Butler
reception will be in Orem. The Butler's are moving to Idaho Falls
pretty soon.
Dave Miller came over this past week and bore his soul to me. I told
him to repent and go on a mission. I asked what was really holding him
up if it was any of my business. He said that he's just afraid he'll
be lonely. I told him that it would turn him to Heavenly Father. He
really wants to do what's right but I think he lacks the courage. He
says he doesn't have the ambition and that he's lazy. After I talked
to him I thought about you and Bruce. I thought about how you dropped
everything to go on your mission. I was so proud of you the day you
left. I know it must have been hard to leave all your friends and the
life you knew knowing that when you came back it would probably be all
different. I am amazed! I'm so proud of you! Do I sound like a Mom? I
have felt very tender today thinking about Eric. It has made me so
grateful that you are alive. I pray for Heavenly Father to bless you
every day. I know He does.
Love, Mom

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