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April 3, 2005

To my Dear Elders,
April 3, 2005

We watched conference over the weekend. It was wonderful as usual! I
thought that President Hinckley looked really good. I was amazed at
how calm the organ was. It sounded so beautiful. In the next life I am
going to play the organ that same way. My sister Karen and her husband
Gaylen came to visit. It was a really nice visit. They drove in
Robert's truck and took Grandma's china hutch and a ton of other
stuff. James and Anna Knotts and their 2 girls also came and spent the
night. Jeremiah Davison and 4 of his friends also came and spent the
night and watched some of conference with us. Jeremiah looks really
good. He has grown into a handsome returned missionary! He has decided
to go by his middle name to get rid of the teasing and nick names that
he had before. So now he goes by Nathan Davison. He is going to attend
BYU in the fall. We did our usual lunch between conference at
Chuck-a-rama. Jordan Shettell joined us. So did Brittney, Duane and
Carly. Brittney looks really good. She looks like she never had a
baby. They are going to bless her in church next Sunday.
Christina came to see us. She is very pregnant- due in July. Danika
found out from Christina that her friend Will Berneau fell to his
death while rock climbing last week. We went to the viewing. It was
very sad.
The update on the closing of the other house is that we are supposed
to close by April 8th.
Still no word on Eric Nelson. I asked Jeremiah to find out for us and
let me know. I love you guys. I'm so proud of both of you. Keep
working hard!
Love, Mom

hey mom   April 4, 2005

James and Anna Knotts had 2 girls. when did that happen? crazy.
Will Berneau died? really. he was my friend too. not likd the best of friends, but friends.thats sad to hear.
mom, i dont think i am going to recognize any one when i get home. i get pictures from dad and i see a picture of aubrey and at first i thought it was danika. so yeah

well love ya


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