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June 6, 2005 hey all ya all

Dear Jarom & Bruce,                                     June 5, 2005

I will have to make this letter quick because our internet service is
down for the day so I'm borrowing Grandma's & Grandpa's computer.
The news for the week here is that Dad finally got home! He had a good
trip to St. George, Nevada and Arizona. They came home after 2 weeks
of traveling. They had a really good response.
The night before Dad got home I was watching a movie with the kids. At
about midnight Dallin was falling asleep when he went into a seizure.
I calmed him and put him on his side until it was over. We are going
to take him into the doctor to find out what is wrong. Please keep
Dallin in your prayers. We have done a lot of research online and
found that most children outgrow seizures.
I love you and I'm so proud of both of you. Keep up the hard work!
Love, Mom

Hi Jarom,                                        June 5, 2005

Dad finally sent off your Easter package and I sent a birthday package
off. Let me know when you get them.
Don't forget that Aubrey's birthday is not this coming Sunday but the
next. I will remind you next week.  If you get a chance write a quick
note of thanks to Hannah for her emails. I think she would love it.
I love you and we all love hearing from you. Keep up the good work and
the faith. Love, Mom 

hey  June 6, 2005

what up all. well im still here in ecuador. the week has been good. we found some cool people, kicked some people out of our program, it is getting cool in the mornings so im having to sleep with sheets on and with the fan off. so thats   awesome. i just passed my 11 month mark. thats crazy!!!
all is well here

i love you all and hope all is going well for everyone. i keep you all in my prayers


Elder Jarom Brand

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