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March 21, 2005 Changes

hey everyone!   March 21, 2005   Changes

well this change is about over and im almost sure that im getting a new comp next week. we had interviews last week and president was talking to Elder Moncayo, my comp, and told him to get everyone that we are working with baptized this saturday "cause you nevery now when you might be needed else where." president never says that to missionaries unless he is planning on moving them up to Zone Leader or something. so pretty much my comp is gone.
we have been having some success lately and this saturday we will have 4 maybe 5 baptisms. we are hoping to have a lot more after General Conference. we have found some cool families that we have been working with and we will probably set dates with them this week.

well i love you all


Elder Jarom Brand

Hi Jarom,                                                        March 21, 2005

Just to let you know that Dad put in $20 into your bank account last
week. So, don't spend it all in one place! :> We will put more in as
we can. We are praying that the house closes by the end of this month.
We love you and love getting your letters.
Love, Mom

Hi Jarom & Brcue,                                           March 21, 2005

Carly turned 2 months old yesterday and she is soooooo cute! :> She is
smiling more now and sleeps through the night on most nights. Brittney
is happy for that. Last night I helped Taylor fill out a paper to give
to his school. I was supposed to write down what he likes about
different teachers in his school. About his own teacher he said that
she was funny and a good teacher. About the teacher's aide he said
that she was a good teacher and was a little funny. About the computer
teacher he said that he liked the games that they played in class. I
named his music teacher and Taylor said, "She's mean, she's a witch."
I said, "Taylorl, I can't write that down, that wouldn't be nice!" So
Taylor leaned over to me and whispered, "O.K., I'll lie". Then in a
loud voice he said, "She's nice, she's a good teacher...."
I'm really sorry to say that you won't get your Easter packages until
way past Easter. But, we will be thinking about you both on Easter. I
love you both! I'm very proud of you and I pray for you every day.
Love, Mom

hey mom    March 21, 2005

Taylor really said that? thats the funnyest thing ive heard in a long time.
as far as the scripture cases, i wouldnt buy them until a month or 2 before i go home. they would take up a lot of room. it would cost at least $400 to get them for everyone, so i will deffenatly have to wait a while. so yeah
well i love you

love  Elder Jarom Brand

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