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May 22, 2005

Hi Jarom and Bruce,
 May 22, 2005

We've had a pretty exciting week what with closing on the other house,
paying off all of our debt, moving the rest of the garage stuff over
and going to Jordan Shettell's mission farewell today. He enters the
MTC on June 1st. Danika is going to have a rough time I am afraid.
Joe Livingston showed up at our door last Thursday. It turns out that
he suffered terrible asthma from all the pollution in California on
his mission. They sent him home to recuperate and possibly have
surgery on polyps that may have developed in his sinuses before they
send him back out to a different mission for his remaining 5 months.
He has not been released.  I asked him to come and give our family a
message. He came with his sister Andrea who returned from her mission
in January. They showed us a DVD and then we had peach cobbler. I
asked if he could get permission to teach some of our primary children
that are getting baptized this year. Some are from less active and
part member families. Bishop Back would like our missionaries to teach
the kids but the Utah mission president feels like the missionaries
are too busy teaching non members. So, this would work out great! Joe
also got called to work in the temple 3 or 4 days each week. His
sister, Andrea knew Jeremiah Davison on her mission in Indiana where
he was also serving as a missionary. Small world.
Dad and Tom leave on a road trip tomorrow. They will hit St. George,
Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. They want to get distributors for
their stone. They made a huge panel of stone in the back of Dad's
truck that they will take around to show.
I love you boys. Listening to Joe give us his message made us all miss
you both. Keep up the great work. I know Heavenly Father loves you and
is blessing you and us as you serve.
Love, Mom

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