Sunday, May 24, 2015

March 11, 2005

Hey Jarom,
March 11, 2005

I bought a CD case to send the CD's to you. We actually gave the drum
set to Bob McFadden. I will check and find out about the snare.  Bob
helped Dad move a bunch of stuff from the River Birch home a couple
times. We plan on putting money into your account as soon as we close
on the house. We are hoping to do that by March 31st. I will let you
know when we do that. Bruce kept checking the amount in his bank
account and they closed the account because it went into a negative
balance. He was charged $1 in Nicaragua every time he checked his
balance. Dad had to reopen it so that we wouldn't have to open a new
account and send a new debit card to him. You are probably charged
every time you check your balance also. Once we put money in I will
tell you what your balance is each month when we get your statement.
I've had school downstairs for a couple weeks now. In many ways it is
nice to have it back home again.
Brooklyn, Dallin and Taylor put up the little tents out back and built
a fire with my help. They are right now roasting hot dogs and getting
ready for bed.
Dad and Tom Harris have been up in Salt Lake in a booth at the Home
and Garden Show. Dad says they are getting a lot of good leads.
We are thinking about hiring Bishop Back to come and help Dad finish
all the work down stairs. The Backs are having a pretty rough time
financially. Bishop Back has been out of work for 8 months now. We
know how that feels. I can't believe how the Lord has blessed us so
much. I love you very much Jarom. I'm so proud of you and all the work
you are doing there in Ecuador.
Love, Mom

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