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February 21, 2005 Valentine’s Day

hey everyone       February 21, 2005 Valentine’s Day

so i guess last week was valentines day. go figure. i didnt even know it until someone told me monday night. oh by the way family i got the backage with all the hearty letters and stuff. thanks it made my day. everyone looks so different in all the pictures. mom did you take those pictures of aubrey under the tree, dallin and dad? they look profesionally done. i was impressed
 so this week was good, we got rid of a bunch of people that werent progressing, and we are going to get rid of a bunch more, and we found a few really prepared people that we are going to be working with.
we have 2 baptisms for this saturday. Raul and Maria. if your remember about a month ago we baptized a lady named Idalida, then a few weeks later her daughter Johana. Maria is Idalidas other daughter and Raul is Johanas husband. once they are baptized the only one in that family we need to work with is Hermano Vinces, Idalidas Husband.
Raul is really excited about the Gospel and has been giving us references of all his family, he has 14 brothers and sisters. so we have lots of work to do.
so the other day we were out in the middle of no where teaching a lesson. it started raining and when we wanted to go back in to town non of the busses wanted to stop and pick us up so we got a banana truck to stop for us and we hoped in the back. so we are ridding in the back of this banana truck late at night with about 20-25 banana-field workers getting soaking wet. i thought it was pretty cool.
well thats my story for that week.

love ya all

love elder jarom brand

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