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April 10 2005 Los Olivos

Hey Jarom,                                     April 10, 2005

We had Carly's baby blessing today. Carly looked so cute. I will have
Dad send you some pictures of it. The blessing Duane gave was very
simple and sweet. Included in the circle were Dad, Duane, his Dad and
your Grandpa Hall. It was wonderful!
Dad and I were looking at some of your MTC pictures today. You look so
handsome and grown up. I can't believe my little boy is so far away
and is a Missionary! There are times when I get tears in my eyes
because I miss you and I feel so proud of you and the work you are
doing. I can't tell you how much it means to me as your mother to see
you growing up and serving valiantly. Remember, you better be the kind
of missionary your mother thinks you are! I love you and I'm so proud
of you. I tell everyone that will listen about what you are doing.
Keep up the good work! You are a blessing to our family.
Love, Mom

Dear Bruce and Jarom                                              April 10, 2005

Today was a wonderful blessing day for Carly. Duane blessed her along
with both grandfathers and great grandfathers. Ron and Sara Lee and
family also came. Shauna and Mike and Chris Lee were also there.
Chris's  girlfriend Crystal is expecting their baby in August. We
might have her come live with us until they get married. Chris was
going to have her just come and live with him. I told him I wouldn't
allow it! We shall see.
Dad and I went to see Brooklyn in her school play. She was Aunt Polly
in Tom Sawyer. She did a really good job!
Danika started a new full time Job as a Hostess at Mimi's Cafe. She
gets $7/hr. She's trying to save up so she can move out. We might sell
the car to her for $300 unless she wants to buy a different one. The
car has been really reliable. She plans on getting her GED and then
starting school at UVSC in May.
Aubrey went on a school trip with Liahona to Boston for a week. She
left Saturday. She will be able to see the Manhatten Temple, the
statue of Liberty, go to a Broadway Play-Fiddler on the Roof, etc. She
was really excited to go. She will have to tell you the details when
she gets back. Hannah said she has finished reading the Book of Mormon
cover to cover.
Katelyn has been dating John Bell. Don't spread it around, but he is
her first kiss. She lilkes him quite a bit. It surprises me because he
didn't seem to be her type and she didn't much care for him last year.
She says he's a nerd, but she thinks it's cute. Go figure! We are
going to go see him in a community play of "Les Miserables" tomorrow
for family night.
We are praying and hoping that we close on the house by this coming Tuesday.
Dad and the Bishop have been working almost every day on the basement.
We are getting ready to put the glaze on the paint in the entryway.
Then Dad is going to put down the slate and grout. Then he will put in
the baseboards. I can't wait to get the entryway done! The hallway is
also almost finished. They have been mudding that area.
I love you both very much! I'm so proud of you! Keep working hard!
Love, Mom

hey everyone

well i am in Los Olivos, a sector in Portoviejo. this week was very interesting. we got here late monday and were in a trio for a few days. our third guy, elder larsen, is training so he didnt get his comp til wednesday. tuesday we spent to whole day in his sector cause he is new to the sector and he wanted to get to know it befor his trainee came. wednes day we spent the day going to Guayaquil and back. Saturday and sunday was General Confrence. so we didnt have the highest #s ever but General Confrence made for it. it was way good.
this week will be our week of finding new investigators. we will just be finding like crazys. we will be having a baptism this saturday though. an 11 year old kid named Jason. his mom is a new member. he didnt want to have anything to do with the church at first but his mom has been working with him a lot. hes been coming to church, but sunday was the first time we had gone to teach him. my comp basically asked him all the babtismal interview questions and from his answers we could tell he will be ready this saturday. hes a way smart kid. he acutally thinks deeply about the questions we ask and gives the best answers he can. so im excited about that.
so bruce you got robbed the other day. thats cool. they tell me your not a real missionary until you get robbed. so youve now gone on to be a real missionary. thats great. im still working on it.

well i love you all


elder jarom brand

Hey Jarom,  April 10, 2005

I just wanted to give you the update on Eric Nelson. I talked to
Denise Butler and she told me that just before he crashed on his bike
he turned to his companion and said, "I have a really bad headache!"
So it may be that he had an anyeurism or something. He is still in a
coma. They use a scale from 3-15. 15 means that the person will come
out of the coma and be normal. A 3 means that the person will remain a
vegetable. Eric is at a 5. His parents are optimistic. We need to pray
for the Nelson family.
I went to Katelyn's dance company performance and happened to sit by
Marcus's Mom. She said his email address is:
He can't send personal emails to you but maybe he can include you in a
general email. I don't know. Love you.
Love, Mom

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