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February 13, 2005 hi mommy

Hi Jarom & Bruce,
February 11, 2005

Things are moving right along with gettting the downstairs finished. I
can hear Dad pounding nails as we speak. A lot of guys from the High
Priest group and from the Elder's quorum have come to help. It has
been wonderful! There are so many pipes down there that Dad has had to
box in and over  which sheet rock must be placed that the process is
really dragging on and on! We moved the day for carpeting to next
Wednesday. Dad stayed up until 4:00 a.m. working on it last night. I
asked Dad this morning how much longer until he has everything ready.
He asked, "How many hours are there between now and Wednesday?" I
believe it will take all of those hours to finish. When you both come
home you won't even recognize the place downstairs.
We hope to close by February 18th or 22nd. That will mean we have to
move the school, Brittney and Duane, the rest of grandma & grandpa's
stuff plus all of Dad's cacahuate from the garage! Can you two come
home for just a few days and help us out, please!! :> :> Dad said we
should write a note to Timmy letting him know that we are moving again
and we miss him! This ought to be enough to convince you all that you
are glad to be gone on missions! I think I need Dave Miller's phone
number...oh, never mind.
I asked Danika if she would mind moving into the Creative Memories
room so that Brittney & Duane could move into her room while they wait
for the place they want to buy to become available. They want to move
into Pemberly Town homes. They are the ones by the new freeway in
Pleasant Grove. They are just down the street from the land that
Bruce's grandparents own. They are super nice. They will end up paying
about $145,000 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home the size of our living
Anyway, Danika has made the decision that she can't or doesn't want to
finish high school. So, she's going to work on getting a G.E.D. and
then attend UVSC. She wants to move out immediately or maybe wait
until April or May into an apartment near UVSC and work full time at
Sento's and go to school part time. We are encouraging her to wait
until May when more apartments will become available and maybe get a
better deal plus she can save up some money.
Danika was feeling like this was a good time to move since Brittney
and Duane need a place to stay. We said that we would have Brittney
and Duane move into the CM room so that she doesn't have to move
All the girls are sad that Danika wants to move out, of course, but I
think that it will be a good experience for her. We'll see what she
Katelyn is planning on going on the Ballroom dance team trip to Las
Vegas in June. Aubrey wants to go to Boston with some school kids from
Liahona in a couple months and then in June she wants to go on a
Humanitarian trip with her school to Mexico. It sounds like a lot of
fun and a lot of money to me.
Well, I miss you both and love you! We have been praying for Rolando
and for your other investigadores. Keep up the hard work. You will
never regret working hard.
Love, Mom

p.s. Jarom, do you know an Elder Crabtree in your mission? He is Bruce
Nelson's nephew.

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