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July 1, 2005

Hi Jarom,                                    July 1, 2005

I sent a journal in your birthday package. Have you received it yet?
Let me know when you get it. I cannot believe that Bruce will get home
in 5 1/2 months! The time is going by so fast.
Next Sunday is Katelyn's 17th birthday. She is taking driver's Ed.
finally. If you get a chance send her a happy birthday email. She
would love it!
We love hearing about the families you are teaching. It sounds like
you are having a lot of success. I'm so proud of you. I love you!
Love, Mom

Dear Jarom and Bruce,                                          July 1, 2005

Katelyn turns 17 next Sunday. If you get a chance write her a quick
birthday email. She would love that. Aubrey is now 15! I can't believe
Dallin got a dental appliance to straighten his front teeth. Aubrey
just got braces to close the gap between her two front teeth. She
looks really cute.  Hannah will get her braces next Thursday to close
the gap between her two front teeth. It cost us about $8,000 in all.
About the price to send a missionary out!
Tomorrow is July 2nd. We will meet the Lee's and Brittney and Duane,
Shawna and Mike, Emery and Renee Calkins and family and Bob & Lisa
McFadden at BYU to picnic and watch the 4th of July fireworks at the
Stadium of Fire. They are holding it on Saturday because most people
don't like to celebrate a Holiday and then have to get up early the
next day for work.
Danika has been seeing a guy named Jon from her work at Macey's. He's
23, returned missionary. He seems to be a good guy. John Bell told
Katelyn that they needed to cool it so he could focus on preparing for
his mission. Katelyn was pretty sad. She really likes him. He got his
mission call to Brazil.
Do you use the Preach My Gospel manual in your missions? The bishopric
asked the families in our ward to purchase one for each member of the
family. I've loved it so far.
I'm so proud of you both. We love hearing about the families that you
are teaching. I wish that I could meet them.
I love my calling in the primary. I feel like the Lord is really
blessing us. We are hoping that Dad will be able to get his business
off and running so that we can make a living from it.
Keep up your hard work!
Love, Mom

hey mom,  July 4, 2005
well i am sory for not having written so much this last little while.  we have had one thing after another come up but now i think that everything is tanquilo and we will be back to the same old writing thing.  well i am here in altagracia still.  this has been my favorite area.  i have baptized 3 super podo potential melquezideck priesthood holders and alot of other people.  in this area we have been blessed with alot of refrences.  we dont contact...ever.  all we do is teach refrences.  and we have had alot of success.  the people get baptized and stay in the shurch.  i will be really sad to leave this place.  this wednesday is the changes and i am sure that i am out.  it will be cool to go to a new area but sad to leave behind so many people.  i cant believe that my next area will probably be my last.  the time has gone by so fast.  i love the mission.  i am really greatful to you and to the family for having animated me to go.  if i hadnt gone to live with you guys i doubt i would have gone on the mission.  everyone always asked me if i would go and i said yes but i didnt really think about going.  this has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  well take care,
love bruce

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