Sunday, May 24, 2015

February 28, 2005

Hey everyone

Well this week has been really good. We had 2 baptisms on Saturday(Raul and Maria) and they both were confermed on sunday. We will be working with Don Vinces to get him baptized which will complete their family.
So something cool, this week we got 5 people to set dates for their baptisms. With one of them we were at her house and she said she wanted to get baptized, so my comp said “thats great when would you like to do it? She said “well not this Saturday but the next” then we were at Rolandos house, by the way he is doing much better, his work has picked up and hes doing great. Anyway we set a date with him for the 19th of March. Then the other day we went to Leos’ house, now Leo is a friend of Rolando and Rolandos brother Wacho. He lives right across the street from Wacho. So when we went to his house he wanted to have the lesson at Wachos house. we went over and Rolando was there. so we taught a lesson to both of them. We got on the subject of baptism and Rolando asked Leo when he was going to get baptized. Now we hadnt even taught Leo all of the first and hadnt said anything about baptism before, but he told Rolando that he was thinking some time in March. Then Elder Moncayo said “ Well Rolando, youre getting baptized on the 19th right? So would you two like to get baptized together?) Leo said yeah that would be Great!
So anyway in less than a week we had 2 people ask to get baptized and set their own date! Now the only problem is that out of all the investigators with dates only one came to church yesterday. So im not sure what we are going to do about that.
Well got to go
I love you all


Elder Jarom Brand

Hey mom and dad

So you are deffinatly going to have to send me pictures of the down stairs. I didnt think that it could be made to look nice. So dad good call on the prewiring of the Bose System that will be awesome. So hannah said something about her and Aubrey staying up till 3am painting the down stirs, so what was it that they did? I thought that dad already did all the painting.
Well as far as i know dave is still alive. I get emails from him every now and then. So my guess is that he is just avoiding the whole remodeling thing.
So if your are going to send an Easter package there are a few things that would be nice. If you could get some cool post cards of American Fork and Utah Vally that would be cool. Any and as many pictures as you can of me Tim and Dave playing music, that would be awesome. Some CDs, my comp has the cd player on all the time and the 5 CDs that he has are getting reeeeeaaaallly old. So just any thing else. That would be great. Yup those 3 things post cards, pictures of Band, and new music.

Well i love you both

Love Jarom

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