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March 13, 2005

Dear Jarom & Bruce,                                        March 13, 2005

We have had a pretty uneventful week. Dad & Tom Harris have been at
the Home & Garden Show up in Salt Lake manning a booth for the stone
business they have started.
We are going to put money into your accounts tomorrow. Probably around
$20 to start. After we close on the house we will be able to help you
both more. Bruce, your Dad gave us a check to put into your account,
but it's written out to you and the account is in Danny's name. We
called and left a message for him but he hasn't come to replace the
check. Remind your Dad to do that so we can get that money into your
account. I have felt really bad that we haven't been able to help you
both with money. I know it can be really difficult to not have the
money you need there on a mission. I just keep praying that you both
will be able to get by on what you get until we are in a better
position to help.
Wait until Tuesday to access the money because I don't know what time
Dad is going to actually put the money into your accounts tomorrow.
Don't check to see if you have money in the account because it costs
$1 every time you check. I will tell you your account balance every
time it comes in the mail so you will know. Dad says that you can
check your account balance via email without a charge.
Bruce, I will let you know when we put the money in from your Dad.
I told the younger kids that I would take them out to ice cream at the
Yogurt Parlor or to the dollar movie if they do their home work every
single night for 2 weeks. Yesterday marked 2 weeks so I took Hannah
and Brooklyn to get a yogurt. I took Dallin to Sticky Shoe to see The
Incredibles. Taylor missed a day of home work, so he has to start
You both won't recognize A.F. High school when you get back. They have
been doing major remodeling to the front of the school. They are
adding a new band room and a bunch of other classrooms.
By the way, you will both get your Easter packages late because I
still have not sent them off. Sorry about that! Hopefully tomorrow.
Jenna Day is getting married May 5th to a really good guy she met at
her work. I can't remember if I told you that Danika got called to be
our primary pianist. She's doing a great job! I love you both. We pray
for you many times every day. Keep working hard. The Lord loves to
bless you.
Love, Mom

Hey Jarom,                                                        March 14, 2005

I think the scripture cases is a great idea. I'm glad that you haven't
been short on money. Grandma & Grandpa Hall just gave us $100 that
they want us to give to you. Dad will deposit that into your account
We took Bishop Back and Tamra out to lunch today. We talked about
having him help Dad in the basement and we would pay him $25/hr. Dad
really needs the help.Well, we are getting ready to have Family Night.
I'll write more later. Love you.
Love, Mom

hey mom   March 14, 2005    Mom

well all is going well, we have been working hard and finding lots of cool new families. umm. oh so as far as $ goes, right now i am in a small town out in the middle of nowhere and i dont have to pay for busses and taxis all the time. so just so you know im not suffering out here for lack of $. my last sector i was spending a lot on busses and stuff so yeah. changes are coming in about 2 weeks and i could be sent to another big city which would cause we to have less spending $. but ill let ya know.
oh one thing i want to do before the end of my mission. there is a guy in Guayaquil that is a member and he works with leather. mostly he makes scripture cases. they are really nice. have you ever seen the pictures drawn/burnt into leather? well thats what he does and you can give him any picture and he will put in one the scripture case. i ordered one for my english scriptures with the picture of Jesus the Christ. ya know the famous one of jesus in the red cloak. anyway with that on the front and a picture of moroni and the title of liberty on the back. it should be done in the next week or so. but it cost me $42. it cost like $12-14 per picture and $12 for the case. the pictures are the expencive part. now to get the same thing in the states im sure it would cost over $100. it is really nice. so what i want to do is get one for everyone at home as a gift for when i come home. but with just one picture. the problem is that i cant use the money they give me to buy it. its against the rules. so tell my what you think.
well i love you


elder jarom brand

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