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June 13, 2005

Hi Jarom and Bruce,                                               June 12, 2005

We had a great week. Danika got a job at Macey's. She had decided that
that was the job she wanted so she went in every day until she got her
interview and got hired. She works in the deli and gets $7.50/hour.
She's pretty excited about earning money again. She wants to save up
so she can move into an apartment near UVSC. She will start classes
there in the fall.
I took Aubrey, Hannah and Dallin in to an orthodontist to see if they
needed braces. Aubrey and Hannah have a gap between their 2 front
teeth. So, braces for them for a year, at least. Dallin has one front
tooth in front of his bottom teeth and the other front tooth behind
the bottom teeth. So, he will have an appliance that will push the one
tooth back in front of the bottom teeth. All of this to the tune of
about $7,000. It's a good thing we sold the house when we did!
Dad and Tom are going out of town again tomorrow and will be gone for
a week in Colorado to see about getting some stone distributors there.
We went to the wedding reception for Carissa Moore last night. She
married a really great guy.
Aubrey has been taking down the wall paper from upstairs and
texturing. She's almost ready to paint it all. I will be glad to get
our home back in order.
When our shower door shattered, Dad put up a make-shift shower curtain
using a huge tarp folded in fourths and then making tabs out of duct
tape so the tarp could be slid back and forth. I hope he doesn't think
this is going to be very permanent!
Carly is getting bigger and cuter every day. She is learning how fun
it is to blow raspberries.
Hannah and I went to a baby shower for Christina. She looks like she
is about to pop. When she does it will be a little boy.
I can't remember if I told you but Joe Livingston got reassigned to
another mission in California.
Danika has been playing the piano for us in senior primary every week.
She loves it but she's thinking about going to a singles ward pretty
soon. I can't believe she will turn 19 in October.
By the way, don't forget that Aubrey turns 15 next Sunday. If you get
a chance, write her a quick happy birthday note. She would love it.
Did I tell you that John Bell got his mission call to Brazil, Sao
Paulo mission? Now Katelyn will have 2 Brail missionaries.
Jordan has been gone for almost 2 weeks and Danika is surviving nicely!
We haven't seen Dave around for quite awhile. Is he still planning on a mission?
I love you both! We talk about you to everyone. People from the ward
and other friends always ask about you.
Keep working hard, your days are numbered. When you get back it all
will seem as a dream. Enjoy it as much as you can.
I love you!
Love, Mom

mommy   June 13, 2005

hey whats up? hey guess what we are both on the computer at the same time. isnt that cool. well it sounds like lots of fun over there.
$7,000!!!?!?!!!!?!?! wow! i could sure think of a funner way to spend $7,000.
well i havent heard much from dave myself but last i heard he was still planning on going on a mission.
so mom did you find out what kind of truck dad got? other than a "white one"
well we have changes in a week, and we are getting a new mission president. president smock is going home. well his new home, i hear, is in Utah, neighbors with Elder jeffery R. Holland, so thats kinda cool.
our new president is from Utah and will be here on the 26th. so that will be cool.
well i love you

love  your son

Hey Jarom,  June 13, 2005

Dad is going to send you a picture of the new white truck. I don't
know what more you need to know other than it is white. But, the pics
should be to you in a few minutes if you are still online.
Love, Mom

hey there  June 13, 2005

well this week has gone by and we have one week left in this change. im not sure if i will get changed or my comp or if we will stay together. im kinda hoping for some kind of change but we will see.
President smock goes home at the end of this month and President Reed will be our new pres. im kind of excited to see what that will be like.
well we have 2 baptisms planned for this week. one on thursday and the other on saturday. Doris Cedeño will be baptized on thursday, her birthday, and Mario Gorotiza on Saturday. so keep your fingers crossed and pray that both of these baptisms will go through.

well i love you all and pray for you always

love Elder Brand

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