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March 7, 2005 hi

well hi everyone

so this week went by so slow. my comp was sick the whole week. last pday he stayed in bed almost all day and wednesday he stayed in bed the whole afternoon. the rest of the week we kept working but he was all droussy (sp) and high on drugs(medicine) so we werent all that effective. oh and my comp also went and used up all of our toilet paper, 5-8 rolls, blowing his nose.
our program fell to the floor and we are basically going to start over. none of our investigators are progressing. well one is, and she will be getting baptized this saturday. but the rest arent.
so now that ive been out here in Ecuador for 6 months i think that as far as the language goes im doing ok. i generally understand about 90% of what goes on. i can get the point of what ever i want to say across and my accent is getting better. so thats encuraging

well i love you all

love elder jarom brand

hey mom  March 7, 2005  Hi mom its me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so the basement is just about done eh? thats good
well as far as music to send, i hear we cant listen to classical but any  piano arrangements by LDS artists would be cool. one kind i dont want is those CDs of the hymns that the church sells, the ones where its instrumental with the fake, cheezy sounding orchestra. oh we cants listen to EFY CDs, i dont know why, but yeah. any a-capella. my comp hates it but i wont be with him forever. mormon tap....umm....well...if you want to send it. what i think i would like the most are the really cool piano arrangements.
oh when you do send it if you could send them in a small cd case, not the crystal cases you buy cds in,but the soft cases you can put lots of cds in. it takes up less room and less weight.
so question, aubrey tells me that you sold the drumset. did you sell it to dave or some one else? ok so with drumsets there is a drum called the snare. it is the one that sits between the legs. my set is all red accept the snare drum which is silver. now i had 2 snares, one was a TAMA snare and the other was, i think, a Slingerland. im not sure which one i packed away and which one i was letting aubrey use with my old set. the one i wanted to keep is the  Slingerland. so if you could find out which one you sold, or which one is still packed away that would be great

love ya

love elder jarom brand

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