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April 24, 2005

 Dear Jarom & Bruce,
April 24, 2005

We just got back today from our family vacation to Disneyland. We had
a great time there. We decided to spend 3 days there and just an hour
at the beach. Dallin and Taylor were so excited before we left. Taylor
asked, "Why don't we just move there?" We got a lot of good pictures.
I'm sure that Dad will send some to you both.
We had a youth fireside here tonight. Mitt Smith, Great grandson of
Hyrum Smith spoke to us. He told us a lot of interesting stories.
Because of Emma Smith's decision to stay behind in Nauvoo only about
100 of her decendents are members of the church today.
I wanted to tell you about a Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon that is
fascinating. There are several. This one is in Alma 36.
a My son, give ear to my Words
  b Keep the commandments and ye shall prosper in the land
   c Do as I have done
    d Remember the captivity of our fathers
     e They were in Bondage
       f He surely did deliver them
        g Trust in God
         h Supported in trials, troubles, and afflictions
           i lifted up at the last day
            j I know this not of myself but of God
             k Born of God
              l I sought to destroy the church
               m My limbs were paralyzed
                n Fear of being in the Presence of God
                 o Pains of a damned soul
                  p Harrowed up by the memory of sins
                   q I remembered Jesus Christ, a son of God
                   q I cried, Jesus, son of God
                  p Harrowed up by the memory of sins no more
                 o Joy as exceeding as was the pain
                n Long to be in the presence of God
               m My limbs received strength again
              l I labored to bring souls to repentance
             k Born of God
            j Therefore my knowledge is of God
           h Supported under trials, troubles, and afflictions
          g Trust in him
         f He will deliver me
             i and raise me up at the last day
        e As God brought our fathers out of bondage and captivity
       d Retain in remembrance their captivity
      c Know as I do know
     b Keep the commandments and ye shall prosper in the land    a This according to his Word

Isn't that a cool pattern?  Notice that the name "Jesus, thou Son of
God" at the very center of the chapter. Alma's cry for mercy was
clearly the turning point of his life.

I love you boys! I've been thinking a lot about Eric Nelson and his
family. It's amazing to think that he is now a missionary in Paradise.
I thank Heavenly Father every night that you both are safe.
Hey, if we are supposed to call you on Mother's Day let us know your
phone number and what time to call. We have church from 2:00 p.m. -
5:00 p.m. Early in the morning would be best for the calls. Keep
working hard! I love you!
Love, Mom

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