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February 21, 2005

Hello to my favorite Elders in the whole world!!            February 20, 2005

Dad has been working nearly around the clock to get the basement
finished. On Thursday he stayed up all night trying to finish the
texturing and painting so we could get the carpet in on Friday. I
couldn't sleep very well knowing that he was up all alone. So, I got
up at 3:30 a.m. and helped with the painting and etc. The carpet guy
came at about 9:30 a.m. and said that he couldn't put the carpet in
until we had the base boards all in. I had just finished painting them
a couple hours earlier. The paint needs to cure for 2 to 3 days. We
had to reschedule the carpet for next Thursday. I'm nervous that we
still won't make the deadline for the carpet. We close on the other
place on Tuesday. The texturing job that Dad did is really cool
looking. He sprayed it on and just left it. We painted it a neutral
brown. The same color as our kitchen. So many people have helped us.
Dad says that it probably would have cost us close to $45,000 to hire
someone to do all that we have done down stairs. We have spent a
little over $2,000 so far.
Danika can't afford to move out yet so she is planning on waiting
until May. Jordan goes into the MTC on June 1st. He got his call to
Frankfurt Germany.
Tomorrow is President's Day so Dad is going to take the younger kids
shooting. I'm going to take Hannah, Aubrey, Katelyn and Danika to see
"Phantom". This will be my 3rd time.
Brittney has been very sick. She had a fever of 102 today. It might be
the flu. Until Carly sleeps through the night she will be miserable!
The joys of motherhood. Brittney adores her new little girl. Duane is
a great Daddy too!
Brittney & Duane might move into and house sit the Morrises home for 3
months. The Morrises just sold their home and and will move to another
place in the ward on March 5th. The people that bought the Morris home
won't move here until the end of May. It may work out just perfect for
them because their Pemberly home won't be ready until the end of March
or middle of April. That way they won't have to move into the Creative
Memories room and share the upstairs shower with 9 of us!
I don't know if Dad told you or not but we just heard this week from
Uncle Bud and Aunt Joan that they want to invest in Dad and Tom
Harris' stone company. They will loan them $100,000. Can you believe
it??!! Now they will have to work hard to get that business really
rolling. It makes them both excited and nervous. Bud & Joan are good
and generous people.
I love you both. Keep up the good, hard work!
Love, Mom

Hi Jarom,         February 21, 2005

We all were very inspired by your second favorite scripture. But, I
think we will stick with the first one if that is okay with you!
Love, Mom

hey mom whats up   February 27, 2005

so dads still working like crazy. sounds like me, back when i had big homework assingments due. i would wait until the last min. and then work around that  clock until i finnished. so do you think you really saved $43,000 with all the help dads had? thats crazy.
ok so what are Uncle Bud and Aunt Joan doing, or maybe a better question is what are dad and tom going to do to use the loan to get things going?
well love you

love elder jarom brand

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