Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 15, 2005 Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Hi Jarom and Bruce,                                       May 15, 2005

I feel like every week I tell you that we are about to close and then
we don't. We are hoping that tomorrow we will have the money in the
bank from the closing. We are preparing for the worst and hoping for
the best.
Jordan has just a couple weeks and he goes into the MTC June 1st. This
is going to be really hard on Danika.
Katelyn is really smitten with John Bell. He has his papers in and
should probably get his call this next week. Nate Smith also writes
faithfully to her from his mission in Brazil. We keep teasing her that
she is going to have a missionary in every state in the union and
every country outside the states.
We just had Brother Alan Pehrson glue carpet down in the storage space
we made in the entry way of the school down stairs. Now we just have
to get the school storage stuff from our garage down there. We still
have a garage full over at the other place plus some odds and ends of
grandma's and grandpa's.
Dad will probably go with Tom Harris on a 4 state road trip to promote
their stone business. We are hoping that they can get the business
really going. They finally got their first shipment of stone in this
past week.
Dad says, "Life is good, work harder!"
We love you Jarom and Bruce. We couldn't be prouder! Keep up the good
work. I brag about both of you to everyone that asks.
Love, Mom

Hi Jarom,                              May 15, 2005

Duane and Brittney took Dad and me out to dinner for my birthday on
Saturday. It was nice. Danika and Derek came with us. They didn't buy
any dinner but shared what we had. It was a lot of fun. Derek is the
kid that Danika has been seeing quite a bit lately.
Well, I better hit the hay. I'm proud of you Jarom. I think you're the bomb! :>
Love, Mom

May 18, 2005 
 hey mommy its your bithday, well was you birthday.
> you are one year older and wiser now!
> im not sure if i did, but i ment to wish you a happy birthday when i called. oh tell duane i said happy birthday to him too.  well all is going well out here. i just got moved up to senior compaion, so thats pretty cool. now i have poderrrrrrr. my new comp is elder Anderson.
> well love you.
> love jarom

Hey Jarom and Bruce,
May 18, 2005

You probably have heard from everyone else that we actually, factually
and really and truly closed on the house! whew! It was really nice to
pay off all our credit card debt and our bills. Now Dad just has to be
successful in his stone business.
Tomorrow is the graduation for my preschool. I'm looking forward to a
little break. I will take a one week break and then we will start
Summer Kindermusik Camp. That will only be 3 days a week for 2 hours
each day. I can handle that. Sister Janet Muehlmann will work with me
during camp also. She has been a great help to me. The kids really
love her.
Well, I am dead tired. I better sign off. I will write more later if I
get a chance. We have to go over and move the garage stuff and a few
things from the house and then clean it from top to bottom. Now are
you glad you are a little busy or what!!?? Love you both!

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