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February 7, 2005 Carnaval

Hi Jarom,               February 6, 2005

Your letters are fun to get. We print them out and read them for
family nights. Jimmy's mom called and wanted your, Bruce's and Tim's
address. Will you send Tim's address to me? Thanks.
Hey, your favorite scripture is pretty heavy doctrine. Why is it your
favorite? Keep up the good work. I love you!
Love, Mom

hey mom           February 7, 2005
so tims email is
heavy doctrine? read the verse right before it. it says teach it freely to your childern. but yeah your probably right. a few weeks ago i wanted to read all the way through the pearl of great price, i had never done that before. anyway i came across that scripture and i liked it alot. so yeah.
so it sounds like day is working like a crazy man. does he have any job opportuneties presenting themselves?
well i love you

love jarom

hi all ya all       February 7, 2005

so this week was a good week and a bad week all in one. i was good because we taught a lot of good lessons, got someone married then baptized, and got her husband excited to get baptized. but bad cause saturday through today and i think it goes on a few more day is something they call carnival. basically its a nation wide water/flour/paint/anything you can throw at someone fight, and no one can be on "time out." so we`ve been having to watch out for people trying to throw stuff at us. that hasnt been the bad part. that bad part is that no one is at home, they are all out playing. so all our appointments are falling through.
remember that guy i was talking about last week. Rolando, well this week we couldnt ever catch him at home, and on saturday we went on splits, where i go with a member and my comp goes with a member. anyway i went to Rolandos house and he seemed very different. he didnt seem to pay very much attention and said he hadnt read for like a week. then he didnt come to church yesterday. we were really worried about him all sunday. but sunday night we went back to his house and he was back to normal. he told us that he was still working on getting a new house and all that. we found out that the reason he didnt come to church was because he was worried about his baby, cause he crys. we told him that he does not have to worry about that, and that there are lots of kids at church and that his kid was an angel compared to some of the kids there. so what we are thinking the problem is is his wife and her family, and that they are pressueing him against us. so pray for him so he can make the right choices.
well got to go. love you all

love elder brand

ps bruce i loved the pictures

pss. dad keep up the hard work it will all work out.

pss. so mom you are going to have your mission reunion at our house, cool. did you know that your mission pres and his wife spoke to us in the MTC.

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