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May 1, 2005

Dear Jarom and Bruce,                                        May 1, 2005

Today was Duane's 25th birthday. We made Texas Sheet cake for him. I
think I told you that Ben Smith got a mission call to the same mission
that he would have served 2 years ago. He entered the MTC a week or so
ago. Dad and Bishop Back finished texturing and painting downstairs.
It's a good thing that you boys did as much texturing as you did. It
saved them a lot of work. We got the new carpet in down the stairs and
all the way down the hallway. It looks great! Dad removed the sink and
toilet in the little bathroom and put in a tile floor. He has put
slate in half of the entry way. Hopefully, he will finish that
tomorrow. It seems like the never ending project. After we finish the
floors, then we have to build shelves in the dirt floor rooms for our
food storage. Dad will have to do something about putting in floors
We heard that all the paperwork was done for the closing, then they
called back and said that there was still one more hold up. Dad was
ready to wring someone's neck.
We went to the wedding receptions of Matt Butler. He married a really
pretty girl. Their reception was in Orem. The same night we went to
the reception for Matt Bailey. He married a girl that is LDS, but not
active. So they didn't marry in the temple. Johnna said that she is
starting to get active. Johnna was her usual bubbly self. She was
really funny. She said that Daniel grew to be 5 feet 10 inches. They
thought he wouldn't get past 5 feet. He is on a mission back east. We
also saw Wray Dix. He looked pretty much the same. He said that Mike
Anderson is engaged and Dallin is on a mission in Italy. Sorry Bruce,
these are all people we knew in Colorado.
Well, I better say good night to the boys. I love you both. Work hard!
Love, Mom

Hey everyone   May 2, 2005

Well sorry this week is going to be very short. The computers are going so slow.
We are doing good out here. We have 6 people we hope to baptize this Saturday. Each of them live in part member homes. And 4 of them we started teaching within the past 2 days. We have been blessed a lot this week.
Changes are next Monday and I think something is going to change. Im not sure if im going to another sector or my comp will get changed. But we will see. This change has gone by so fast. Its crazy.
well the other day i had the great oportunaty of eating cow tongue. it tasted kind of like stake but way to tender, kinda mushy. ive eaten better tasting things on the mission.
Well I love you all

Love Elder Brand

Ps family Im not sure when I can call for mothers day, cause Sunday morning im in church and you all are in church in the after noon and the I think the cybers close at night, but im not sure about that. I am allowed to call any time this month, so would it be alright if I call this Thursday? Ill call between 3 and 5pm. If for some reason that is a bad time, cause someone will be working or something, write me an Email, tell me a better day and time, then title the email “Mothers day call” and ill check it Wednesday. If its ok ill call, if not, its not a problem at all if I call another day. So let me know

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