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March 28, 2005

On Mar 28, 2005 6:14 PM, jarom brand <> wrote:
> Hey
> Well a long but good week has just come and gone. Me and my comp have been working like crazy trying to get some people ready for their baptism. Friday and Saturday were crazy. We had 25 investigators in our zone who needed to be interviewed for their baptism. So we did some interchanges and running back and forth between towns to get it all done. Our goal as a zone was to baptize 19 people this month. and if we make our goals we get to go to the temple. so we were working hard and were hoping to hit way over our goal, 30. but after all was said and done we only had 18 baptized and confirmed. we missed our goal by 1.
> me and my comp did have a lot of success. Agueda, Mariuxi, Cinthya, and michael were all baptized on Saturday.
> So every since president told my comp to get all our investigators baptized ive been telling him he is going to get moved to the mission office and push papers. Saturday morning president smock called our house and told my comp that he was getting an assignment to be the new financer for the mission. He will be working with a more than a million $. So he will be pushing expensive papers.
> Changes came Sunday night and turns out that they are taking both of us out of our sector and putting two other elders in. im not sure why but I am now in Portoviejo. And my new comp is elder Roque. He is from El Salvador. And that's all I know for now
> Love you all
> Elder Jarom brand

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