Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 23, 2005 Elder Anderson

hey every one

well im not quite sure if i told all you all, but i got a new comp. his name is Elder Anderson. hes from Washington. my first north american comp in about 8 months. so thats cool.
the ward we are working in is awesome. we get about 10 or more references a week that are generally really good. then the members come with us to the lessons with their references. im really enjoying the ward. i know now that ive said that, i will get changed to a branch out in the middle of a banana farm, where the members dont work at all and no one will want to listen to us, but what can ya do right.
hey Duane those pictures you sent wouldnt open for me. i dont know what was going on.

well all is well down here.
 i love you all


Elder Brand

May 23, 2005   Mommy and Daddy
hey! well i wrote you a big long email up it went away and i dont know were so i have to write again.
thats great that you closed on the house. at last!
dad good luck on your 3 state road trip. youll do great
im doing ok with $ for right now. but i do have a question. you said you put $20 in my account. well ive tryed to get it out but im not able to. i dont know if its cause im just dumb or if the money just isnt there. ive tryed both my saving and checking accounts but nothing. which one did you put it in?
hey my shoes are giving way. one pair has big ol holes in them and the other is well on its way. i was thinking about doing this. send the pair with holes home, you can take them back with the 2 year garentee that they have and get new ones and then send them back to me. then once the other pair give way we can do the same. tell me what you think.
i am having to delete my emails every so often, so i dont know if you want to save them for me or what but if you could delete and purge them all for me that would be great. it takes me a long time to do it and if i dont i wont be able to recive any more.

love ya both



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