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February 14, 2005 No more Bible

hi every one

well this week is going to be a bit short. i was reading all the emails of the week and all the the sudden the power went out then came back on. out of all the 10 computers in the cyber mine was the only one that wouldnt turn back on. i think it fried. so anyway i had to wait till another computer became availible.
well this week was changes again and we, elder Moncayo and i stayed in Catarama/Ricaurte for another change. Moncayo was moved up to District Leader though.
we had a zone conference on tuesday and the theme was obedience and the book of mormon. president sants us to know the book of mormon better and to be able to answer all the questions with it. he showed us a picture of about 80 people waiting in line to get baptized. he told us that the book of mormon has the power of conversion and that we should be having lines of 80 people waiting to be baptized because of the book of mormon.
he told us that he didnt want to sound apostate but that he wanted us to leave our bible at home for awhile. like for 3 months, ish. so that will be cool.
well on saturday we found out what  Rolandos doubt was. first of all right now he doesnt have much work. they are having trouble getting enough money to buy their food, so to come up with the money to get married would be very hard ( yes it costs to get married here and they charge more then most people can afford) then on top of that he he might have to move out and find a new place to live just to keep listening to us. so he is going threw some hard times.

well thats whats going on down here.

love  you all

love elder jarom brand

Ps. so mom if its not to late i found another scripture thats not so deep of doctrine that you can use. 2nephi 13:21. tell me what you think

hey mom

it sounds like lots of stuff is going on up there. dad working like a mad man, closing on the house, brittney and duane moving to some place in PG, danika moving out, katelyn going on a ballroom trip and aubrey going to mexico. isnt aubrey a bit young to go to mexico? i never got to go to mexico!
so now why cant danika finnish highschool. will that be a bad thing to just get a GED? i thought it doesnt really matter once you get a collage degree.
so no i dont know an Elder Crabtree, but there are a lot of missionaries in the mission that i still dont know. is he in the Guayaquil north mission?
so is dad having any luck with the whole job finding thing or has he not been looking lately, busy with the construction job and all.

well go to go

love ya

love elder jarom brand

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