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April 25, 2005 golpe de estado

hey every one

well how is every body doing. down here in  Ecuador there are some problems in the goverment. the other day they kicked the president out of office and ran him out of the country. well im pretty sure what ever they did was unconstitutional. they have a new president and last i heard they want to take away all the american visas. which would be a bad thing. i dont think it will happen but we will see. mom if you see anything on tv that might scare you, just know its on the other side of the country, in Quito.
well we are working with this family to get them baptized. they need to get married first but they are trying. so we will be working with them this week to get them baptized this saturday.
i love you all

love elder brand.

ps, mom my journal is just about out. im not sure if i can find another one here. ill look this week and let ya know next week.

April 25, 2005

Whoa! Hold on! I have to pick myself up off the floor. Did you just
tell me that you have almost finished filling out a whole journal? I
would be happy to buy you a new one. We still have not sent off your
"Easter" package. I will get on Dad's tail about that.
Taylor wants me to write to you for him:
Dear Jarom,
I love you and I miss you. Mom still won't let me have the coin! bye.
Love, Taylor.

I guess I shouldn't let Taylor say anything anymore. He never mentions
the coin to me, just in his letters to you! :> I told him he has to
grow up and earn his own Eagle coin.
I do follow the news about the political unrest there in Ecuador. I
haven't worried. I know that the church keeps a good eye on things
like that. I also knew that the problems were in Quito and not near
where you are. We pray for your safety every day.
Well, it looks like we might really close on the house this week. We
will be completely out of debt. We will put some more money into your
bank account. I will let you know how much and when. We are also
planning on buying tickets to Nicaragua in December and saving money
to buy tickets to pick you up in Ecuador next year. Don't think about
it too much. Soon you will only have one more Mother's Day, one last
Christmas there, one last new year's, you get the idea. Make the most
of every moment you have left. There will come a day, all too soon,
when you will no longer be a full-time missionary. I hope you are
enjoying it. It sounds like you are working hard and having a lot of
success. We are all so proud of you! I love you!
Love, Mom

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