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April 11, 2005 Hey all ya all

well this week has been good. weve found a lot of people and we hope to continue teaching them.
so on saturday we had a the baptism of Jeysson and jessica. my comp and i went to the church at about 3:00 to fill the font. so we turn on the water and it starts filling. we waited for about half an hour and noticed that it had stoped filling and was about 1/2 a foot deep. so we went into the bathroom to see if the church still had water, and it appeared that it did it just wasnt in half of the building. so we went to a members house to barrow a hose to get water from the bathroom to the font, but we found out that the only place that the hose would hook up to was in side a janitors closet and it was locked. so us being brilliant thinkers moved a ceilling tile and i climed up into the rafters and down into the janitors closet. but when we hooked up the hose all the water pressure was gone. so it turns out that there wasnt any water in the building. so we called up a water tanker to come and fill the font for us. right before the tanker got there the bishop showed up. he told us to fill the water supply in the church. now in Ecuador they dont have public water that just comes into your house, you have to have an underground tank that is filled by the tanker trucks. then from there there is a pump that pulls all the water to a tank ontop of the house, and in this case a tank up in the rafters of the church, then from there the water is distributed to all the fosets and stuff.
so then the tanker pulls up and we go to the place were you fill the water and it has a lock on it. we told the guy to wait while we go to get the key. we spent way to long getting the key and when we finally got it and opened the tank it was filled with water already. the tanker guy then without saying anything unpluged his tank letting all the water drain out and drove off. he then came back with his boss and demanded that we pay him for the water. that was kinda dumb.
anyway the bishop went into the church and found out that to breakers were off so the pump didnt kick in when it was supposed to. so pretty much we spent all day doing something that should have taken 30 minutes to do. but the baptism went really well.
so thats my story for the week.

love ya all

love Elder Jarom Brand

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