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February 27, 2005

Hi Jarom & Bruce,                          February 27, 2005

I bet you will be glad to hear about any thing other than how the
house is coming along, but I am telling you it has just consumed us
lately. For the past 3 or 4 weeks we have been eating, living and
breathing remodeling the basement.  Dad has been putting in the tile
in the main room. We finally got the carpet in on Friday. It looks
really, really good! We moved the whole school in on Saturday. It took
us about 4 hours. Now Dad has to finish the entryway and put down
slate on the floor there and then finish the hallway. He has already
boxed in all of the duct work and has put bull nose on most of the
corners. We have to mud, texture and paint. We are really glad that
both of you put time into texturing the walls down there. That will
save Dad that much more work.
We didn't close on Feb 22nd as we had hoped. We have heard that we
will close on March 2nd. So we are really hoping and praying that it
all comes together.
Danika just got a calling today. She will be our Primary pianist for
the senior primary. She will also direct the music while Brother Swim
plays the piano for her. She's a little nervous about her new calling.
I told Danika that she needs to save up about $1,000 to move out so
that she will have enough to put down a deposit and first month rent
at an apartment. And also have a cushion for just in case.
Katelyn has been enjoying her ballroom class. She is one hard worker.
Her grades are good enough that she will probably be able to get into
Carly is so cute. She's got a double chin and is slowly sleeping a
little longer at night. Brittney wore one of her old pairs of jeans
today! She is looking really good. Her voice is still a little low but
it seems a little better. They are picking out the countertops, wall
colors, cabinets, etc for their new place at Pemberly. It's a really
nice place.
I haven't seen Dave lately. He usually comes around about once a week
or every other week. He hasn't been over for at least a month. maybe
he caught wind that we are remodeling and wants to stay as far away as
possible. I wouldn't blame him!
You both are sounding really good. We love getting your letters. I'm
glad you both got your Valentines packages. I would like to put
together an Easter package. Do you have any requests? Keep up the good
work. I love you both!
Love, Mom

Hi Jarom,                                                February 27, 2005

Dad is working like crazy. We have saved at least $43,000 by doing the
work ourselves and with the help of ward members. We have spent
another $1,000 buying lights, tile and more slate for the floor. We
already had a lot of slate tha we had bought at a garage sale 2
summers ago.
Dad and Tom are going to different stores to see if they will offer
the rock that Tom & Dad get from China. You'll have to ask Dad exactly
what he will be doing. We are really excited that Uncle Bud and Aunt
Joan have enough faith in us that they are willing to plunk down a
hundred grand to help us get this business off the ground. It's
exciting and scary at the same time. Now they have to produce!
How is the language coming now? Do you feel like you are understanding
most everything? Keep studying the language. Are your scriptures in
english or in spanish that you study? I love you Jarom and I'm so
proud of you. People always ask about you. Sister Hatten asked about
you today. I pray for your success every day, every prayer. I know you
must have hard, discouraging days. Hopefully, those days will make you
stronger. If it all goes by like a song you won't grow as much. I can
feel the hand of Heavenly Father in our lives. There is nothing so
wonderful as the peace that comes from the knowledge that He loves us
and longs to bless us according to our obedience. May He bless you
every hour!
Love, Mom

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